Siberian Coolers have been rigorously tested and abused beyond the scope of "normal use". Hear from United States Military Personnel, Professional Hunters, Fishermen, Guides and Customers who use Siberian Coolers. Including the Bears!

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Siberian Coolers- Proven Beyond.

Jana Waller, Skull Bound TV

Jana Waller, Skull Bound TV

"We've field tested Siberian Coolers in every situation possible and couldn't be happier with their performance! When you're in the backcountry for a week you depend on your coolers to keep your food fresh. It is so nice to represent a cooler company that delivers top quality coolers but at a price you can afford!"-Jana Waller, Skull Bound TV

Jason Matzinger, Into High Country TV

Jason Matzinger, Into High Country TV

"I've used and abused Siberian Coolers in a wide variety of climates and hunting situations throughout the years and have always been stoked with their performance.  They are built tough and designed specifically for guys like myself who spend most of their time pursuing their passion in the outdoors.  There is literally nothing about this cooler I would change..."-Jason Matzinger, Into High Country TV

Jim Kinsey, Skull Bound TV

Jim Kinsey, Skull Bound TV

"When you spend a lot of money on a hunt of a lifetime you need coolers that will keep your hide and meat fresh. Siberian Coolers have always been dependable and rugged with a wide variety of sizes for every hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor need.” -Jim Kinsey, Exec Producer Skull Bound TV

Jim Kinsey, Skull Bound TV

Jim Kinsey, Skull Bound TV

Willi Schmidt-Pure Hunting TV

Willi Schmidt- Pure Hunting TV

I've been using Siberian Coolers for about two years now.  Whether I'm hunting hogs in Texas, Elk in the high country, or camping with the family, Siberian Coolers have performed flawlessly.  They keep ice for the duration, keeping my food fresh and allowing me to bring back my meat cold.  From the latches to the reversible feet, these coolers are top notch at an affordable price! 

Captain Lou Tepas, On The Deck Charters

Captain Lou Tepas, On The Deck Charters

I use my Siberian Cooler on the Great Lakes.  It is the most rugged cooler I have ever used with a better price point then anything I have seen on the market.  It holds ice great from catching giant salmon to entertaining and clients with ice cold beer.  I have had no issues with my cooler and I recommend them to every client on my boat.  I spend half the year on my boat fishing and entertaining. Having a great cooler is the most important thing next to catching big fish!- Captain Lou Tepas

Shane Mowery, Bone-Maniac TV

Bone-Maniac TV"

"Siberian Coolers not only have proven to be the most durable made coolers I've used  hunting  on my extreme hunts whether its the extreme heat of Hunting Pronghorn (speed goat) on  the Longest days of Wyoming in the dead of August to the rugged backcountry hunts of spring and fall bear hunts in Idaho wear packing out meat you need a cooler to perform to the fullest and you'll get that with Siberian. If you are and avid fisherman or hunter in extreme elements Siberian is the only choice for you they have proven beyond for this Maniac!!!...Shane Mowery, Bone-Maniac TV"

Shane Mowery, Bone-Maniac TV

Captain Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters

Captain Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters

Hi, I'm Captain Wayne Brodeur with Reel Busy Charters in Stuart Florida. Stuart Florida is considered the "Sailfish Capital of the World" and during the winter sailfish migration dredges and ballyhoo deliver the bite. Quality bait is a must and our Siberian cooler keeps our ballyhoo fresher than any cooler I've used in the past. I've owned alot of coolers over the last 30 years and I strongly recommend Siberian Coolers. They're built to handle the heavy use of charter fishing and nothing we've used stops ice from turning into water better than our Siberian Cooler.-Captain Wayne Brodeur

Reel Busy Charters

Reel Busy Charters

Skull Bound TV with Siberian Coolers at the #NWTF2018

Skull Bound TV with Siberian Coolers at the #NWTF2018

Arrow Assassins  We put the new Siberian Alpha Series coolers to the test last week down on our WV hunting lease. Everyone who didn't have a Siberian cooler had to buy ice at least two times during our five day weekend. When we came back on the fifth day, we had to dump ice out of our Alphas! These coolers are definitely Arrow Assassin approved! ~Kenny Weiland

Arrow Assassins

We put the new Siberian Alpha Series coolers to the test last week down on our WV hunting lease. Everyone who didn't have a Siberian cooler had to buy ice at least two times during our five day weekend. When we came back on the fifth day, we had to dump ice out of our Alphas! These coolers are definitely Arrow Assassin approved! ~Kenny Weiland

Just got home from my elk hunt. After 14 days and a lot of them 80degrees we still had ice left in the cooler. Great job!!!

Neil Jacobson “Bear’s Paw Bows”

As a result of 20+ Ice & Cooler Challenges complete, , has conducts a best of the best challenge. The coolers in this test are a result of the request from our YouTube views and commenters. Full Written Review: As expected, these coolers lasted the longest of any coolers we have tested, under extreme heat conditions.

Siberian Coolers 85 Quart RokSlide Review

Siberian Coolers 85 Quart RokSlide Review

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Annually I bring a group of friends out on my cousin's boat in the Delaware river. We are pursuing channel and flathead catfish that tend to push through the river during the summer months. The baits we use stink and it is imperative that we keep them cold. For years we used sub par coolers that leaked, held ice at best for an hour, and smells as well, it was catfish bait what do you expect! When we began using Siberian Coolers we were skeptical at best. However we soon discovered not only did the ice last for days, the smells were sealed within the confines of the cooler! Understand, at times we are fishing in 100° plus heat. Siberian has continued to meet or exceed our expectations. The bar has been set high. We look forward to continuing to use their products and see what they design in the future.- John "Catfish" McKittrick

I am on the water with clients, or in the field pursuing waterfowl over 100 days each year. Using products that can take the abuse yet meet or exceed our expectations is crucial. Siberian products have fit the bill for our requirements. Each group we take out has different expectations, however two things we better deliver on. Well prepared food, and cold drinks. The current Alpha Series line of coolers allows us to keep our customers happy, and keep their catch or game ice cold on the return trip. On a side note, we had one of the coolers get knocked off the boat during a trip. It washed up downstream approximately 1/4 mile. Upon inspection of the contents, not one egg was even cracked from the two dozen we brought along to prepare the batter for our fish fry! Show me that with the competition.- Antony Ayers

I have 3 sizes of Siberian Coolers.  All have there jobs, Small - Beach, Medium- Home-Food-Store-Travel, Large - Boat.  Keeps ice better than I could have imagined, and you can't beat their prices.  These people know what there doing with this cooler line.
Jack Elko- Jupiter Florida

I have been thoroughly impressed with the Siberian line since my very first cooler. They out-perform and look better in my opinion than any other cooler on the market. From putting the 22qt on the back of the kayak keeping drinks cold all day to loading up the 65qt with as much wild game as it can hold. Top-notch, rugged, good-looking coolers at an affordable price!- Cody Griffith

I used my Siberian Outback 82 cooler last fall on an antelope hunt in Wyoming. We left Wisconsin with two cases of frozen water and returned with two nice antelope bucks.  No spoilage, no problems, just very cold meat.  Will be going to Colorado this fall and this cooler must go with us, it works great.- Pat Burns

My Siberian cooler has been such a life saver. When we travel it will keep our food cool for several we do not need to stop and get additional ice. WE have used it on campouts and it keeps our food cool for the entire 3 days. WE are really impressed with these coolers, and we own 2, best purchase for a cooler we have ever made. I give it a *****/5 star rating...

Judy L. Sprandel, Bozeman, MT

Yeti had the market cornered, but the price and the deceptive marketing regarding cooler size made me look elsewhere when I looked to purchase a great hunting cooler that could take abuse and hold the cold if you will. I did quite a bit of research, watched video upon video of ice retention challenges and finally settled on either a Siberian or a Pelican. I went with the Siberian in the end and purchased the largest cooler in their line (116 I believe??) I made the right call. Not just because of the cooler itself (upland hunt camp, deer camp etc... all held ice and kept game/ food cold) but because of the customer service and the warranty. Spending a bit of cash up front to get a product a company will stand behind and support AND getting an ear on the phone that not only speaks English but finds a way to make things right.... is unheard of today. 

Maybe back in the 50's this was normal... but sadly no more. The coolers are awesome, the service is ridiculous, and the warranty is beyond what one can hope to expect. Nice work Siberian, customer for life.

Jamie Newton

I purchased the Siberian 116 quart cooler and I couldn't have been happier with the product. The cooler offers a TON of room and will keep ice for days! I was tired of wasting money on cheap coolers that couldn't hold ice for a day or would break easily, with Siberians lifetime warranty I have no worries. Living in Texas it's hot here and this cooler can withstand the heat.I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants an affordable and durable cooler. Siberian has my business for as long as I'm around. Great job Siberian keep up the good work.

Xavier G, Marble Falls, TX 

The Siberian cooler is traditionally used by the hunters in my family but I happened to use it during a weekend long baseball tournament for my kids. It was awesome in keeping the ice and food cold throughout the weekend! I also love the Siberian tumbler. My daughter takes soup to school in it and it stays hot until lunch. My coffee will stay hot for several hours! Definitely recommended!- Jennifer Mento

I have Two Yetis a Roadie 20 and a Tundra 75 I wanted a new Cooler since I had Yetis and few people I know have Orcas, Pelicans and Rtics I wanted something different and after reviewing the Siberians I bought a 64 at the end of May 2016 and so far it has out-performed all the all of the coolers I have put it up against I will definitely be buying another one next time around.

Wayne Holden

I have the older 85 Qt Classic cooler. Beat my expectations.

The cooler kept ice for 7-8 days from I recall. Great product. Would like the new alpha series 22 and 85 - clean lines. Just kinda wish the new ones had cup holders. Thanks guys!

Danny Blodgett

I've had my Siberian 118 cooler for about a year now and it been hands down the best cooler I've owned as well as the best cooler out of all my fellow camping mates. I've taken this cooler on some crazy adventures and put it to the test at 10 days at burningman and this thing held ice pretty much the whole time. When the block ice got thin the cooler was still well below the cooling temp to keep food fresh. I love the size of this cooler and I'm a little bummed they don't make this size anymore as I'm looking to get another the same size. I definitely recommend this brand and for any extended trip I would recommend the 118 size if you can find one. Best bang for your buck. 

Ian Nabal

I own 2 Siberian Classics and my brother also bought one.  We are honestly not very pleased with them.  For the money we spent, I would have expected much better craftsmanship.  Seams are rough, latches look crooked, color isn't pure white, broken rope handle, and one leaks water out of the plug hole.  I've compared ours with competitors, some that cost much less, and overall we are disappointed.  

Anyway you wanted honest feedback.  



My outback cooler is amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Keeps I've on my boat for days. Looking forward to buying a smaller one in the future. 

Ryan R. Scrips

I've had my Siberian cooler over a year now which is way longer than any other cooler has ever lasted me and it is still In  perfect shape. It works just as good as my friends yeti but was a lot cheaper. I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks Siberian coolers! 


I got your email asking for my experience.  I have been completely satisfied with my cooler.  It has met all of my expectations and then some.  Last year my wife and I went camping for a week and we took our cooler full of food, beer and other goodies. Our beer was ice cold the entire time (my only concern). The size is perfect for us and the build quality is amazing!

Kent Black

I purchased an Alpha Pro Series 65 cooler last year and had used it a few times for only 2 or 3 day trips. The cooler performed really great. However, 2 weeks ago I was able to take my cooler on a week long camping trip. I pre-chilled my cooler and loaded it with pre-chilled and/or frozen food items along with a couple of 1 gallon frozen water containers at each end of the cooler. The cooler stayed in the back of my SUV while traveling around during the day with temps in the mid-80's. The cooler was opened at least 3 to 5 times everyday. Upon returning home on 8th day, there were still 2 good size chunks of ice remaining in the containers and all of my leftover food was still ice cold! A package of frozen ground beef was still frozen when I went to use it after 4 days. I could not have asked for better performance. And I really like the easy to open and close latches. I'm considering the purchase of the smallest size Alpha Pro to take along just for beverages and additional ice on my next long trip.

Mark, frequent car camper.